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How does the term transinstitutionalization contaminate and divert our attention from the truth?

This may be the shortest page on this website. Academicians, politicians, societies such as the American Psychiatric Association, National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, and agents of political correctness have created the term transinstitutionalization instead of using the correct term, criminalization as a description of the plight of the seriously mentally ill who are confined to penal institutions. These above mentioned groups share something in common:
1) They are not related to someone suffering a lack of treatment and incarcerated or if related to a schizophrenic in prison are afraid to rock the boat. 

2) They are not actively involved in the treatment of the most seriously mentally ill (this task has been relegated to the public mental health care system).

3) They use rhetoric to demonstrate emotional control and civility and discuss this problem as if no one is dying on the streets or dying in jails and prisons.

4) They are not active and passionate advocates for immediate change and relief for the suffering of the seriously mentally ill who are confined in penal settings.

5) They really don't care or their behavior would be different.

The parent or relative of someone consumed by psychosis and confined to a penal setting due to lack of treatment describes their reality as criminalization of their family menber.